A common condition affecting children between the ages of 8 to 14. It is usually caused by overuse and stress of the heel bone through strenuous activities which involve a lot of running and jumping (active children). Other factors may be obesity, tight Achilles tendon and foot biomechanical problems. These underlying conditions may leads to an inflammation at the growth plate on the heel bone (calcaneus).

 Severs Disease

Symptoms:The heel pain often is worse when walking and exercising. The child usually will complain of painful feet, they may be limping, walking on their toes and not wanting to participate in physical activities. Squeezing on the sides of the heels causes pain.

Treatment: The podiatrist will assess the child’s foot biomechanics, footwear and levels of physical activity.  Treatment may include Orthotics, footwear advice, stretching program and heel lifts.

Any questions please feel free to ask the podiatrist, who will be happy to help you.